Moving – Don’t Go To The Wrong Location!

Hello everyone I am one to be good about blogging due to well just being to busy BUT I did want to throw a few things out there. I am currently moving locations from Ravelle Spa in Englewood where I’ve been for about a year and relocating back to the Highlands Ranch area or at the very least closer to it.

I will be working Saturdays and Sundays only at County Line Chiropractic (many of you know who Dr Craig Lewis is) while I continue my hunt for the perfect location, in the mean time if you are needing a time and I can’t fit the need let me know and I may be able to work something out with you or find someone who can fit your schedule until I am up and running again.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you all for the many years of support, I love doing what I do and you all make it possible for me to love my job.



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